Alex McIntyre creates art for exhibitions, commissions, specific sites and through collaborations with other creative professionals. She also undertakes contracts as a transformational coach, participatory artist, workshop leader and project manager working with arts and cultural organisations and in educational settings.


Alex McIntyre’s paintings offer spaces of deep listening, embodied reflection and transportation for the viewer. They are an invitation to breathe more deeply, to be alert and present, to step out of the mental noise of everyday life. For the viewer, the works invite a shift in perspective often providing space to breathe.  

Typically using the metaphor of sky and land as a device, the paintings offer a viewer space, time, light and an embodied viewing experience. Viewers remember and reconnect with their own experience or recollection of space / ground / sky and the natural world. The visual texture and physicality of the paintings provokes an embodied or visceral response thereby bringing the viewer into the present moment. Layers of colour are used to convey mood or drama as the paintings quietly glow or shout their presence.  Alex works with colour and light, more recently using the imagery of sunset, sunrise, dusk, and night as metaphors for change, resilience and strength. Her work continues to evolve and is moving in a more abstract and poetic direction considering visual texture, space, light, depth, rhythm and mass.



Working as a professional artist since 2007, Alex paints from a studio in Hertfordshire, UK. She creates art for exhibitions, commissions, specific sites and through collaborations with other creative professionals.

Alex has exhibited in the UK, United States and Romania. She commercial and private collections  in the United States, Japan, Norway, Germany, France, Holland and across the UK. She completed a five-year artist fellowship at Digswell Arts in 2016 and has held AIR positions with Middlesex University, Brent Museum and Archives, English National Ballet, Wizard Presents Production Company and Watford Museum.

Alex was invited and selected to be exhibited in Beyond Other Horizons, at Iasi Palace of Culture, Romania 2020, a British Council / Romanian Cultural institute / UNAGE show.

She has shown widely in art fairs: self representing at 15 editions of The Other Art Fair in London and New York, and represented at The Affordable Art Fair and Fresh Art Fair. In addition, she has shown in the following galleries: Quercus Gallery, Byard Art, Kendall’s Fine Art, Bils and Rye Gallery, The Biscuit Factory, Artichoke Gallery, Mylo Fine Art, the Stone Space, Quercus Gallery, Wychwood Art, Art5 Gallery, Kingfisher Art, Irving Contemporary, Rise Art, Saatchi online.



Alex is a practicing transformational coach. She originally trained as a personal coach with RD1st in 2016, subsequently deepening this practice with a Barefoot Tranformational coaching qualification in 2021. She is now working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis.



Alex works as a creative practitioner and project manager in educational and community settings. To find out more about this work, visit the learning section of the website.

To give you a flavour: She is the Foundation Tutor for Bedfordshire School of Art and Design, Bedfordshire University 2019 to present and was a visiting lecturer on the Foundation programme for the Media and Performance and Culture and Communications schools 2021. She was Co-Director  of HertsCreation C.i.C working with the arts as a tool for learning (2012-2018) and Collaborative Partnerships Manager for Be Smart About Art 2017-2019. In her capacity as a creative practitioner she has worked on programmes with Tate Britain, A New Direction, The Royal Opera House, Nysa and Hertfordshire Libraries amongst others. Alex is an associate artist of Nimblefish, NYSA and The Poetry Exchange. In 2016, she produced a heritage exhibition and archive for Peace Hospice Care. This was exhibited at Watford Museum before being installed permanently in the Hospice building.

How to work with Alex

Buy or commission an artwork

If you would like to buy a piece of art, please email alex@alex-mcintyre.co.uk to find out more or arrange a viewing. Alex maintains price parity with works for sale from galleries and from the studio. For an up to date stock and price list please get in contact.

Personal coaching

Alex is an accredited Barefoot Transformational Coach (2021) and Relational Dynamics 1st Coach (2016).  Get in touch if you would like to book a free consultation via alex@alex-mcintyre.co.uk

 Workshops and Creative Learning Programmes

Work with Alex in a learning capacity through visual arts workshops or bespoke creative learning programmes including training insets for teachers

Please contact Alex to discuss your requirements