Alex is a practicing transformational coach. She has been working with change processes at an individual and organisational level since 2009 in cultural and educational settings. In 2015, she discovered coaching whilst a participant on the Clore Emerging Cultural Leaders programme. It described a practice and set of skills she had been using intuitively in her work already. She first trained as a personal coach with Relational Dynamics 1st in 2016. Since then she has deepened her practice, most recently completing a Barefoot Transformational coaching qualification in 2021. She has amassed over 125 hours coaching and is working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis.

Book a free consultation session by emailing with the subject heading Coaching. The session will give you an opportunity to find out more about coaching, gain an experience of how Alex works and to see if you are a fit together. You will explore what you want to achieve through coaching and begin to set some goals in order to take action.


Client testimonials

“Alex’s deep presence and attention will help guide you to a deeper sense of self and awareness of your inner potential. Being coached by Alex enabled me to dive deeper on my journey of inner growth and transformation. Her gentle challenge coupled with extraordinary support is empowering and uplifting.”

Coaching client, Technology Consultant 2022

“Alex helped me at a time when I felt quite hemmed-in, small and struggling to create – some might say ‘blocked’. I’m very grateful that Alex seemed to match my openness and curiosity about what was going on in my thought processes and was willing to delve in quite deep with me quite quickly. Our coaching sessions have given me back a bit of momentum, a stronger sense of possibility, and better understanding of what I need to do for myself to feed my creative process.”

Coaching client, Writer, 2021-22

“I started working with Alex 9 months ago because I wanted to develop my business whilst managing an existing teaching role and maintaining my healthy relationships.  Alex’s gentle and nurturing style gave me the space I needed to explore my ideas fully, whilst her expert intuition guided me towards my blind spots.  What I perhaps valued the most was her rare ability to slice through someone else’s mental fog and get to the heart of an issue.  As a result, obstacles have come unstuck and I have been able to move forward. I am very grateful for the time we have set aside each month and am proud of the results which have sprung from the commitment I made to realising my vision.”

Coaching client, Teacher and wellbeing specialist, 2022