Buy Art

Art work is available for sale from the studio, through exhibitions Current and future exhibitions are listed on the sidebar.

Please contact Alex if you would like to discuss a commission.

Visual Arts Workshops

  • Creative and expressive drawing
  • Creative processes – steps to overcome the inner critic, fear and uncertainty
  • Working with ink and gesso
  • Modelling and carving in plaster
  • Clay portrait head and armature
  • Wire sculpture
  • Building wire armatures as internal structures to support sculptures in plaster, paper, tissue paper


Alex recently trained as a Relational Dynamics 1st coach.

The aim of coaching is to provide a safe, supportive and challenging space whereby the client can explore his or her own personal development. A coach helps an individual understand and eliminate barriers to more effective performance by facilitating a process through which the client can clarify thinking and set their own goals.

If you are interested in being coached and would like to discuss how it can benefit you, please get in touch with Alex via