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Collaborating with Hermione Carline

This Fair will mark my tenth edition and Hermione’s tenth London edition.

I first became aware of Hermione’s work back in early 2015 and have been an admirer ever since. Hermione has a deep and thoughtful engagement with her process, creating art that is not only exquisite in its execution, but also seems an invitation to visual meditation. We discussed the common threads of our work through a studio visit earlier this year. We aim to express an underlying sense of moving through a landscape, of communicating the living-ness of things. We both seek to capture landscape as it is experienced viscerally, sensorially and in memory. It is a source of wonder that one landscape holds within it echoes of a completely different place. A tone, smell or colour can transport us to another landscape, another time, experience or memory. For the viewer this means that an encounter with an artwork can re-ignite and then immerse one in a lived memory.

Hermione says of this, “The landscape has a universal feeling – you might paint a picture which expresses one particular view point but has resonances with other landscapes in other parts of the world.”


Hermione Carline Biography:

Exploring themes of light and shadow, translucence and opacity through her paintings, drawings and prints, Hermione Carline imbues her work with an immersive and atmospheric quality. She has created her own unique style through her use of hand-cut paper stencils together with a colour palette that reflects both mood and feeling in her subjects.

After leaving the Royal College of art, Carline worked as a textile designer, co-founding the design studio, The Collection, where her clients included Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren. These earlier experiences in designing and Interiors have informed much of her work.

Hermione was born in Hampstead to a family of artists and her father travelled widely, representing Britain as first Art Councillor for Unesco. These early influences and memories inspired her and in recent years Hermione has made a number of trips across the Far East. Her recent trip to China has formed the basis for much of her latest work.

She has exhibited with gallery Elena Shchukina, Mayfair; the Accessible Art fair, Bozart, Brussels; and shows regularly with the Other Art Fair.  She has recently been commissioned to create a number of paintings for Claridges as part of their refurbishment